La chateleine - About Us

« Inside me, there are a little girl who hangs on to her child's soul as if it was a balloon. I hope she will always stay hooked...» La Châteleine 

No, Melanie Launay, doesn't have a degree in literature, or even in fine arts ...

But, she has more than one trick in her pockets. Indeed, an atypical career that led her graduate from a hotel diploma, a master's degree in communication and a Pastry diploma (strange, no?).

Curious by nature and self-taught artist, she works in many projects to create her identity and to understand who she is.

Her first book is born after her reconversion in Pastry. Her idea? Bringing together her different passions: "The pastry, photography and writing to show us that the monstrous can be marvellous

However, Melanie has an overflowing imagination and pastry begins to restrict her "imaginary of greatness" ...

So, she decides to use pencils & watercolours to illustrate a Christmas story, written English and French. Entitled "SomeWhere Factory", it's created to honour the land which she lives.

It's her way to connect with a younger public. A desire to talk to them about "difference" "differently" through a magical and fantastic universe.